Thursday, November 4, 2010

Conquering Heroes!

Triumphant Entry
Jekyll Is. Entrance
I am a day late due to internet problems on Jekyll Island. So most of you have already read about the successful completion of the great bike ride in Monty or Dave' blog. It was a marvelous event and we should all be proud of Monty and Dave for this accomplishment. The trip to Jekyll Is. was pretty uneventful. We were dodging rain showers, but it held off after a few showers at the beginning of the days journey. The picture at the left shows the guys coming over the bridge to the island. You can just see the rear fender of a pickup, but there is a person in the back videoing the whole thing.

I had driven onto the island ahead of them, parked, and walked up on the bridge to photograph their entry. But by the time I got back to the truck some distance away, the bikers and their entourage had disappeared. Being the great guys they are, they waited for me to find them before the "drive" into the Atlantic Ocean. I don't know who the photographer represented, but the other blogs probably say.

So after a couple if interviews, the guys revelled in their 15 minutes of fame. Then we found a place to stay, and got on with being tourists. The island has a historic district with shops, etc. But being "off season" everything was closed. There were some pretty spiffy "cottages" to see though. We had a nice sea food dinner on the wharf  to celebrate a little.

And suddenly, it's all over. The gear was loaded into the truck with un-needed luggage, and I was on my way back to Phoenix early this morning.

So this is the end of this series of blogs. But maybe I'll summarize the trip when I get home. Thanks for the prayers and your interest in the project. God bless.

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